Made to measure…

photo (8)Warwickshire County Council has volunteered to lead on one of the transactions identified for the next phase of the Local Gov Performance Platform in conjunction with GDS. This follows on from the phase 1 work carried out with Solihull Council and their missed waste collections.

We are focussing on library renewals and are currently establishing what key data would be valuable to display on a performance platform. This data needs to be translated into information that would be useful to service managers. It should provide them feedback that will support the improvement of services and creating a better experience for users.

It is important to recognise that the purpose of the platform is to promote, not replace, analytics. The platform will visualise sets of data that might trigger further analysis, show trends that prompt questions and ultimately enable service managers to make decisions based on data. The platform shouldn’t just be “the number of visitors that came to your site last week”, it needs to present data that can be used to inform, challenge, support decisions.

We have a number of ways customers can currently renew a library item:

  • online
  • via our automated 24/7 renewal line, available 24 hours a day – call 01926 499273;
  • by phone, fax or email to your library – contact details for libraries;
  • in person at any library

Our current thoughts around what might be useful for library service managers around renewals are:

  • Library locations – which areas attract the most customers renewing online
  • Online renewals for WCC libraries vs. community libraries
  • Digital vs. non-digital renewals
  • Successful completion rates

If you have any ideas about other pieces of information that might be useful, please get in touch using the contact form below.

We are hoping to have something up and running on the GDS site soon, so watch this space and I’ll be writing more about it as the platform progresses.


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