Assisted Digital G+ Hangout #localgovdigital

I’ve agreed to host the 2nd G+ Hangout for the #localgovdigital crew this Wednesday (20th March) at 8pm, and we’re going to be talking about Assisted Digital.

I’ve already tweeted a link to some background reading from the GDS Design Manual and there is a good blog post from last year that looks at Getting Started on Assisted Digital. Here are a few thoughts I have running through my head that are forming themselves into a kind of agenda for the hangout. Please comment on this post if there are other issues you would like to raise, or just raise them on the night.

  1. Has anyone already got something in place to support people to use digital channels?
  2. Will/should Local Government adopt the same principles from GDS of channels being either Digital or Assisted Digital? Can we/will we be that brave?
  3. How do we work with people who don’t want to use digital vs those who can’t use digital?
  4. Which services have people identified as having the highest % of users who are unable to use digital channels?
  5. Is anyone already engaging with the voluntary sector to provide this level of additional support? Do we think this is a viable option?

I hope you can join us, particularly if you have answers to any or all of the above questions!


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  1. […] March 2013) I hosted the 2nd LocalGov Digital G+ Hangout and the topic was assisted digital (my last post had a rough agenda). It was an interesting start, as I posed the question “does anyone have […]

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