If nothing changes, nothing changes

For those who know me, I’ve had a number of roles within Warwickshire County Council (WCC) since I joined in 2004. However, I think I have finally moved into a role that will really tick all the boxes.

As of this Friday, I will be officially working in the role of Programme Delivery Manager for the ICT department (Information Assets). My new role states that I will “work with key stakeholders in the business and ICT to ensure quality ICT solutions are delivered that transform and improve the way WCC delivers services”.

I am currently developing two programmes:

  • Finance & HR Systems Review – this programme will enable the business to exploit the full potential of our Finance and HR systems
  • Digital by Default – this programme is building the case for, and developing an approach to, increasing the digital capability across our services and using the web to extend the organisation

As part of the latter programme, I have joined the LocalGov Digital Steering group. Through my role on this group, I will be looking to share our journey through this programme, both in terms of documentation, experiences and exploring opportunities for collaboration. My background is in technology-themed project and programme management, so I’m really focussed on driving us towards delivering the benefits.

Although there are many outcomes from this network, for me, the most important ones will be:

  • Building solid-evidence based case studies for moving to digital channels
  • Providing opportunities for councils to work together on digital strategies/solutions
  • Sharing experiences and learning
  • Using the collective voice to apply pressure on making legislative changes that currently limit our ability to shift to digital channels

I feel one of our biggest challenges will be getting the business to understand that services must be re-designed to work in a digital world:

  1. We cannot simply apply a digital sticky plaster over an underlying non-digital process
  2. An online form that sends an email isn’t “digital by default”

This will require time and investment up front, which some feel we do not have the luxury of.

Another challenge will be to truly engage with the public to design services for them, and not allow our interpretation of what they want dictate how we design things.

My first steps will be to share the programme development work we are doing at WCC, both in terms of “critical friend” review and enable re-use in other organisations.

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in our work on this at WCC, or follow the #localgovdigital hashtag.


2 Responses

  1. So pleased you are involved and I look forward to working with you more through LocalGov DIgital

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