Warwickshire Apprentice – becoming a reality

After some positive noises about my previous post I have some rather good news…

I bit the bullet and emailed our Chief Exec, Jim Graham, yesterday lunchtime to outline my idea. Kudos to him, he replied within 15 minutes to say “It’s certainly worth a look”. So off I trotted to one of his seminars soon after this email exchange. After his talk, he opened the floor to questions and the usual tumbleweed ensued. So he used this to ask what people though of an idea he’d had emailed through to him earlier that day about the idea of running an Apprentice type scheme within Warwickshire County Council. With a wobbly hand and a slightly red face I explained I was the culprit behind the email and an interesting discussion ensued with quite positive noises in general.

After the seminar, the head of HR came up to me and asked me to take it up with the head of OD to see about taking it forward. I’ve actually taken it one step further and agreed with the Strategic Director for the directorate I provide IT services for that we will definitely run this for our directorate and offer it corporate wide if they want us to.

The Advancing Women Programme I am currently on have been looking for a project to get their teeth into, so we have agreed that we will devise, implement and deliver this.

I am absolutely chuffed to bits that I JFDI and as a result might get to do a project that could have a real impact. Plus, we may even have the opportunity to film our efforts after a kind offer (yet to be confirmed!) from John Popham.


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