Leamington Social Media Surgery 4th Nov 2010

My grand plans were to write a witty, inspiring blog spreading the word about open data, social media and all that lovely stuff. Unfortunately my time has been consumed by a pesky job, 2 young children, accidentally slightly running over my cat, cooking, cleaning (although my husband will dispute that), and general busyness.

I shall try to rectify that by summing up the first two Warwickshire Social Media Surgeries…

We ran the Warwick SMS at Warwick Library on the 30th September. The fabulous Pete Lancaster, Karen Ramsay-Smith, Pete Read and Luke Mason all came along to provide help. We had 3 attendees (quality, not quantity!) and it was a successful evening with both the Petes well and truly earning their social media surgeon stripes. Pete L helped out Mike who runs What’s In Kenilworth? and Pete R helped out a couple of guys with a variety of interests, including the Kenilworth Footpath Preservation Group.

The Leamington SMS at Leamington Library was held tonight, the 4th November. Again, the wonderful Pete Lancaster brought his surgeon skills, as well as Paul Henderson who came to my rescue after a bit of memory failure regarding Wordpress! Pete helped out a lovely octogenarian (also called Pete) from Kenilworth who hand-codes the HTML behind http://midwarks.info. I helped out Patricia, who used to be a councillor for Rugby Borough Council and wanted to find a better way to communicate with her parish and town councils about the various community forums she attends. We also had a quick peek at Twitter.

All in all a very enjoyable and useful experience, which I hope will continue.

The next Warwickshire Social Media Surgery will be in Kenilworth on the 16th December at Kenilworth Library from 5.30pm until 7pm. Please come along and either give some help, or get some help.


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