Social media crib sheet

Having read the interesting Ben Goldacre article on the Gillian McKeith twitter disaster I am keen to ensure our patients are sent out into the World Wide Web armed with the right information to use social media tools sensibly.

So, I am just pondering on creating a crib sheet on social media for when the surgery is up and running. Something for the patients to take home with them after the event as a little reminder. Has anyone already created on of these? If not, I will pull one together and everyone will be free to re-use. Anyone with any tips they think are crucial, please send my way for inclusion.

Hey, they can even use it to write down their usernames and passwords 😉


3 Responses

  1. Good question Kate:

    We have

    However it probably wont do the job for you!

    The problem with a crib sheet is there is no right answer. As you know how to do it take time and patience and depends on the circumstances, who they are, what they are doing and what they want to achieve.

    So I tend to avoid a “curriculum” approach to surgeries because I think the best approach is to nurture a culture of self help amongst both surgeons and the people getting the help.

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